Chances R LiL Worthy Endeavour

Bazinga is a sweetheart that loves getting up early and having coffee on the porch before tackling the day.  



Chances R a Zing of Whimsy

Whimsy loves to hide her toys then act like she needs to go to the store for more.

OFA certified Patellas, Cardiac, and Eyes Normal


Chances R Margaret Houlihan

Margaret is our new daughter of Talisman. We can't wait to watch how beautiful she grows up to be!


Cimarron Fable

Fable is a black and cream lovely from Cimarron Farm. We are so excited to be able to add her to our family!

November 2021 Fable won Best of Breed and Reserve Group Winner UKC!

Bliss, Diva, and Dharma!

 Daughters of Talisman and hopefully future mothers for us!