Chances R LiL Worthy Endeavour

Bazinga is a sweetheart that loves sleeping in and having coffee on the porch before tackling the day.  


 Chances R My Darling Clementine

Clementine loves a good rainy day staying inside and snuggling. She loves watching Animal Planet and chewing on a rawhide snack. She is such a loving mother to all her babies!




Chances R Marigold

Marigold loves to wrestle and play chase!

 How lovely Marigold has grown! She is a shaded cream and now has lost all her shading! Marigold loves a spa day and snuggling on the couch.



Chances R a Zing of Whimsy

Whimsy is the daughter of Petey. She loves to hide her toys then act like she needs to go to the store for more.


Chances R Margaret Houlihan

Margaret is our new daughter of Talisman. We can't wait to watch how beautiful she grows up to be!