WELCOME From Our Dads


Chances R Farm is delighted to share with you our love for Dachshunds!





Lion's Gate Challenge the Rules

Charles has never met a stranger, he loves everyone! His puppies have his outgoing fun loving personality. Hes the first to jump out of bed in the morning to go feed the farm animals and the first to jump in the car for a ride. Charles is ready for any adventure.

Retired now and he is enjoying showing all the puppies the fun of the farm!

OFA Patellas Normal/Pra carrier



LDA Chances of a Moonstone Talisman

Talisman is our cream boy from Long Doggy Acres. He loves going to shows and digging in the garden.

OFA Patella, Cardiac, and Eyes Normal/Pra carrier

Chic #156391


Lil Beanie Weenies Cream Dream

Major is our father from Lil Beanie Weenies Dachshunds. He loves having his ears rubbed and will use the most powerful puppy eyes to keep you petting him.

OFA Patellas, Cardiac, and Eyes Normal/Pra Clear

Chic #166229

Lion's Gate Chance of Rain

James is our new future Father from Lions Gate Dachshunds. He is such a snuggle bug! We can't wait to see how beautiful he is growing up to be!






 ThJames Chances R Worth Taking -Retired!