Chances R a Zing of Whimsy

Whimsy loves to hide her toys then act like she needs to go to the store for more.

OFA certified Patellas, Cardiac, and Eyes Normal

Chic #164549


Chances R Margaret Houlihan

Margaret is our daughter of Talisman. She loves movie marathons and stealing the game board peices on game night!

OFA Certified Cardiac, patellas and eyes normal!

Chic # 169508


Cimarron Fable

Fable is a black and cream lovely from Cimarron Farm. We are so excited to be able to add her to our family!

She loves a good squirrel chase and digging in the garden. 

November 2021 Fable won Best of Breed and Reserve Group Winner UKC!

OFA Cardiac, Patellas, and Eyes certified Normal

Chic # 167893



Chances R Snow Diva

Diva loves belly rubs and playing with the cat.  She is our cream dapple mother.  

OFA Cardiac, Patellas, and Eyes certified Normal

Chic # 175858

 Chances R Dandelion

Dandelion is such a snugglebug! We can't wait to see how she grows up.

Chances R Daphne

Daphne is a daughter of Talisman and Fable. She loves to get the zoomies and tackling her friends!